Stuck? Read this!

A lot of times in life, we feel stuck. It could range from a simple choice of pizza or salad for dinner to  what career path you take or which person you pick as a life partner. Human life is inundated with choice. What food to eat, where to live, what clothes to wear, where to travel, what job to do, who to be friends with, how to maintain health, and who to marry.

How do we get unstuck? A great way to do that is to explore the opposite of stuck.. Decide!

Meaning of the word decision is “to make a choice”. But, on a etymological level, de-cision means “to cut away” In other words, it that which dramatically releases you by cutting your shackles of your endless choices that are all tying you down. It literally means cutting away all your other options.

The trajectory of a man’s life is nothing but the integration of all the paths he takes in life.

Life trajectory = ∫ (All life choices)

So, life depends on every single choice you make.

Everytime you make a decision , you are carving a path in your life. A definite conscious path to a definite direction.

So, to be in control of your life is the only difference a free man has as opposed to a slave or domesticated animals. To decide is to be free and to be more human.

Your ability to evolve as a human being , have impact on the world and to do something meaningful directly corresponds to the ability to be decisive.


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